We have some of the energy industry’s best automation engineers, and we are constantly attracting more. They are efficient, competent, and are always focused on you and the needs of your project. Our extensive knowledge of construction is supported by our highly specialized competence in the latest automation systems for DCS and Scada systems.

We offer you end-to-end service in design, system engineering, programming, commissioning and fault identification so that you can maintain high performance and productivity for your industrial processes.

Start-Up’s competent employees and short paths for decision-making allow us to be highly productive once we take on your project. This is something our existing clients greatly appreciate.

Start-Up’s promise to you as a client is reliability, delivery assurance, and well-documented results.

Start-Up's services include:

  • End-to-end responsibility for larger automation projects
  • Project design
  • Risk analysis (SIL review of equipment)
  • Turbine system and controls for gas and steam turbines
  • Logic and block diagram design
  • Safety-related parts of control systems
  • FAT/SAT functional testing
  • Training your staff


Lars Hågestam

Business Area Manager


ABB 800xA
ABB MP200/AC450
ABB AC 110

Siemens T3000
Siemens S7
Siemens S5


Authorization for ABB Safety Products for Sales & Engineering


Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö

Plant: BFB Fastbränslepanna

Mission: End-to-end delivery for installation of a new boiler safety system.

Project details: End-to-end delivery with hardware, project management, electrical design, programming and start-up. Installation of a new boiler safety system for the CFB boiler at KVV in Eskilstuna. Distributed control system ABB 800xA using ABB’s safety process controller AC 800 HI, SIL I/O. Integration with existing 800xA systems.

Fortum Heating, KVV 6 Värtaverket

Plant: Steam turbine

Mission: End-to-end contractor for new turbine control system, magnetization and synchronization equipment for a G2 steam turbine.

Project details: End-to-end contractor with project management, programmers, hardware design and start-up of new turbine control system, magnetization and synchronization equipment for a G2 steam turbine (130 MW el) at the plant Värtaverket in Stockholm.
Distributed control system ABB 800xA using ABB’s process controller AC800M and turbine modules. Integration with existing 800xA system.

Meet some of our staff

Karina Andersson
Years in industry


Process engineer with experience including programming, control manager for electrical control and process projects in the energy industry.

Areas of expertise

  • ABB AC110
  • ABB AC400
  • ABB MP200
  • ABB 800xA
  • ABB 800M HI
Daniel Jansson
Years in industry


Automation engineer with a background as an instrumental engineer who works with systems from both ABB and Siemens.

Areas of expertise

  • Siemens T3000
  • Siemens PCS7
  • Siemens S7