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Instrumental & Control

Today’s energy and process plant contain equipment that requires continuous oversight in order to work correctly and with the right precision. With our broad competence in instrumentation and related equipment, we can help you with fault identification, fault resolution, prevention, and maintenance.

Our employees have a solid understanding of the calibration systems used on the Swedish market. If you lack a calibration system we can offer our own Beamex system with accompanying equipment and database.

Start-Up’s competent employees and short paths for decision-making allow us to be highly productive once we take on your project. This is something our existing clients greatly appreciate.

Start-Up’s promise to you as a client is reliability, delivery assurance, and well-documented results.

Start-Up's services include:

  • Fault identification and optimization to quickly resolve problems and minimize extra costs for your plant
  • Taking inventory and documenting instruments
  • Confirmation, checkout and circuit control
  • Control and calibration of all existing indicators such as flow, pressure, level, temperature etc.


Mats Johnson



Beamex MC5
Beamex MC6
Beamex FB660

Honeywell 2020

Fluke 789
Fluke 754 EU


Honeywell DocuMint

Beamex CMX


Växjö Energi

Plant: New power plant, Sandvik 3. 39 MW is electricity and 65 MW district heating.

Mission: Checkout of instruments and electric circuits.

Project details: Perform check-out of instrument circuits, control connections in accordance with the circuit diagrams and set the voltage of these. Check-out of electric objects such as instruments, motors and valves. We also participated with fault identification and support to clients and suppliers during commissioning of the plant.

Fortum Heating

Plant: Värtaverket

Mission: Maintenance and calibration

Project details: Critical maintenance of the heating and power plant during active season. During the overhaul period, we are participate and leading the calibration work for instrument and control circuits at power plant Värtaverket.

Meet some of our staff

Kent Carlsson
Years in industry


Many years’ experience of fault identification, ongoing operations and overhauls management for energy plants. Management and administration of Honeywell and Beamex calibration systems.

Areas of expertise

  • Documint
  • Honeywell 2020
  • Beamex CMX
  • Beamex MC5
Michael Svensson
Years in industry


Competent automation technician with experience of instrumentation and electric power revision and running AU/FU for CHP and nuclear power plants. Administers and manages Honeywell and Beamex calibration systems.

Areas of expertise

  • Documint
  • Honeywell 2020
  • Beamex CMX
  • Beamex MC5