Our process engineers have thorough experience of most types of power plants. They have an overall understanding of which and when various competencies are needed during ongoing operation and startup.

We have many projects involving environmental concerns, and in these cases we work to reduce harmful emissions and increase profitability.

When we hand over of the project to you at completion, it’s important to us that you feel secure in your knowledge and understanding of the plant and processes. For this reason, your staff should be equipped with the necessary information to ensure that your plant has the highest possible accessibility.

Start-Up’s competent employees and short paths for decision-making allow us to be highly productive once we take on your project. This is something our existing clients greatly appreciate.

Start-Up’s promise to you as a client is reliability, delivery assurance, and well-documented results.

Start-Up's services include:

  • Commissioning and operation management for systems including boilers, turbines and flue gas cleaning
  • Projects in steam production for industry and district central heating
  • Adjustments and process modifications
  • Maintenance and overhaul planning
  • Training your staff


Petter Svallfors

Business Area Manager, Process


Grate plants
Oil boilers
Flue gas condensation
Flue gas cleaning
BOP / Utility
Steam and gas turbines
Heating pumps
Operation optimization


Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery

Plant: Testing and start-up of gas turbines

Mission: Commissioning

Project details: Factory test of gas turbines at Siemens’ factory in Finspång. Start-Up has long experience of commissioning of Siemens’ gas turbines both in the workshop tests in Sweden and start-up around the world.

E.ON Heating, Händelöverket

Plant: P15 Heating and power plant, 85 MWv, 40 MW electricity (Fossil)

Mission: Reduce operating costs by resolving problems and control of oil burners.

Project details: Analysis and review of functional descriptions, applications and logic. The review revealed about 50 action items in applications and controls. After establishing the action items, control and adjustments were initiated with good results. The project resulted in fuel reduction from 300-400³/month to the current 50-150 m³/month. In connection with the project the bottom ash handling system was rebuilt, which also contributed to the reduction.

Meet some of our staff

Nicklas Wenström
Years in industry


Experienced and solution-oriented Start-up technician. His broad experience makes him an obvious part in many different projects.

Areas of expertise

  • Waste incineration
  • Grate boiler
  • Commissioning