Work with us

We are proud that all our employees, according to employee surveys, are happy working with us and would warmly recommend us as an employer. We work in a flat organizational structure where managers and employees are always easy to reach and where all managers either have been or are currently involved in projects with our clients.

Even as we grow, we are constantly working to maintain the friendly, easygoing atmosphere that our employees value. Start-Up listens to the employees’ needs, ideas, and suggestions, and lets each individual develop his or her unique talents.

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What we expect of you:

  • A superior level of technical competence in your area of expertise
  • Clear, reliable communication with our clients
  • A genuine solution-oriented approach to work
  • You are a team player, but you can also work alone in the field
  • You have an open, accepting attitude towards your colleagues

What can Start-Up offer you?

  • Extremely competent colleagues you can always turn to when you need help
  • A skilled manager who can listen and support your professional development
  • A manager who works together with you out in the field and understands your everyday situation
  • Varied and interesting assignments that frequently give you the opportunity to determine your career path in the company.
  • Our employees are our most important assets, something that shows in our commitment to having fun together. We always take your personal and professional needs into consideration and do our best to ensure that you are happy working with us

What do our employees have to say about us?


It’s easy to talk to everyone at Start-Up, and we never have a problem finding a solution in every situation.


Since it’s not a huge company, there are opportunities to really make your voice heard.


We have a great sense of togetherness even though we work all over the country.


I am proud of being a part of Start-Up, and having so many talented colleagues.


You have a lot of freedom but also a lot of responsibility, and you get the right kind of support when you most need it.


Start-Up really communicates that everyone is a crucial and important part of the company.


Title Location Extent Last day for application
Elkonstruktör Norrköping Heltid Last day for application: 31/10/2021 Apply for job
Elkraftskonstruktör Stockholm, Västerås Heltid Last day for application: 31/10/2021 Apply for job